Standard Features
Card Payments

Accept payments using credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Saved Items

Anchor Connect remembers your products and services so you don't have to re-enter the details for popular items every time you create an invoice. Just click the lookup button and choose the item from a list. Makes creating invoices a snap!

E-mail Invoicing

Send your invoices via e-mail. E-mails include the invoice as a PDF file attachment and also have a link to the Anchor Connect payment website. You may also print and mail invoices if you prefer.

Branded "From"
E-mail Address

Invoice e-mails will have a "From" address of Your Company Name Billing. The "Reply" address can be any email address you choose.

Premium Features
Debit/ACH Payments

Enable your customers to pay invoices directly from their bank account.


Set up automated recurring billing for services that you perform on a periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly) basis. Your customer's credit card will automatically be charged.

Installment Plans

Create an installment plan for larger invoices enabling the customer to pay a pre-determined amount over a period of weeks or months until the full amount is received. Invoices can be automatically generated and sent according to the schedule.

Enterprise Features
Text Invoicing

Send your invoices via SMS text! Texts include a link to view the invoice in a mobile device friendly format that also contains a link to the Anchor Connect payment website.

Website Integration

Want your customers to pay their bills through your existing company web site? No problem. You can seemlessly integrate the Anchor Connect payment website into your company web site with a single line of code.

Customer Messaging

Want to alert your customers to a special deal, sale or upcoming event? Send an email or text to a single customer, group of customers or your entire clientel with just a few clicks.


All Prices in US Dollars

Feature Standard
$29.95 / Month
$49.95 / Month
$69.95 / Month
Companies 1 2 4
Customer Accounts 150 300 500
Invoices/Month 300 600 1000
User Accounts 1 3 10
Saved Items Yes Yes Yes
E-mail Invoicing Yes Yes Yes
Branded E-mail Address Yes Yes Yes
Text Invoicing 1000 texts/month
Card Payments Yes Yes Yes
Debit/ACH Payments Yes Yes
Subscriptions Yes Yes
Installment Plans Yes Yes
Website Integration Yes
Customer Messaging Yes

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